November Class and Homework

November Class and Homework

Opening Circle: What is one thing in your school you are thankful for?
Make a tabloid newspaper with your job alike
  • 2 most important things
  • 20 min
Generation Groups: talk about observations during Craig Pease
  • Note taking
  • Conversations
  • Engagement was key (table talk)
  • Make it relevant
What do these findings mean? What tells you?
How does this relate to current educational practices?
  • Engagement is key
How does this model what you are writing in your paper?
  • Making observations and finding themes in research
Meet with reverse interest research groups
  • See example papers and template on Sakai
Count off and meet in small groups
Converse about what we want capstone to look like
Come back and brainstorm entire group
  • Opening with values or big ideas
  • Fun stats of the class over the last two years
  • Some type of closure
  • Snacks- cookies and drinks
  • Shore audience participation activity
  • Gallery walk
  • Guests & formal invitations
  • Break out sessions based off topics
  • Group by the style of presentation
  • Debrief with other communities watching
  • Block scheduling of presentations
Meet with book groups
  • From quotes and big ideas, page come up with questions you could pose to your admin
  • Share in the circle
Advisory Group Meeting
  • Tayler will print validation forms
  • Scott is bringing snacks
Closing Circle:


November 26, 2018 at 12:40PM
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