Class Notes October Meeting 10/13/18

Class Notes October Meeting 10/13/18

  • Opening Circle: What is something unexpected that you have observed so far about your research data collection?
    • Students know how they want to be taught; the challenge is how to meet those needs
    • They are brutally honest
    • Just because you think it is a great idea of activity…
    • Students like to be part of the data
    • Students didn’t know what the word engagement meant
    • They are surprised I am a student feeling the same things they are
    • Observation of data takes time during the activity
    • Parent involvement researched
    • Fear of change is a strong emotion
      • I would add fear of change is a strong emotion the older you get!
    • Fear of failure.  This is not my problem, I’m on the other side
  • Literature Circles: brainstorm a list of big ideas from the book you read (The Innovator’s Mindset) then jigsaw to share.
    • Come up with a Black Friday ad/commercial to sell your big idea
    • Our group did a skit with the setting being a store on Black Friday
  • How are you going to make a positive change in the next week?
    • Share with my Principal/Superintendent how I am building a community using Instagram and Twitter
      • Must do a better job of looking to promote Blair Community Schools
    • What is at stake if you stay silent and/or stagnant?
      • A policy will be made which you may not agree with
      • Standards-based grading
    • What big ideas can you take back to your district?
      • We have to form our thoughts based on readings and research.  We need to have our thoughts organized.
  • Teacher Subcultures Article – Group Discussion
    • What is democracy?
    • Which subculture do you fit into?
  • Lollipop moments – Have you told anyone about yours?
    • – Lollipop moments – Have you told anyone about yours?
    • Jaden K. coming back after homecoming game and talking to me
    • As teachers, we don’t hear about those moments near enough.  Sometimes it is those moments that push you through the difficult times.
    • Write Dave Warrick, Coach McGill, Dr. Gary Carlson
  • Use a tech tool to create answers to the following questions:
    • How important is your leadership to your students?
      • Positive Role Model
      • An empathetic listener
      • A voice for them
    • What is one commitment you can make in your building right now to be more democratic?
      • Speak Up
      • Discuss with Co-workers solutions to problems
      • Allow data to support and influence change.
      • Professional conversations
      • Speak out for what is best practice and research-based.
      • Encourage colleagues to also research
      • Teachers must be enactors of reform rather than recipients.
    • Starting tomorrow how will you do that?
      • Share articles with colleagues
      • Organize my Twitter account with lists on different topics of education
      • Be more opened minded and positive
  • Walk and Talk – Tell your story
    • What sparked your interest in your topic?
      • Was it a student?
      • A recurring problem?
      • Something you wanted to try?
      • Something asked of you by colleagues/admin/students?
    • This is the introduction to your paper
  • How do you feel about analyzing your data? 1, 2, or 3 – Me 2
    • Meet in your groups and talk about data
    • Any trends?
      • Still trying to figure out how to group
  • Engagement
    • What does engagement mean?
    • t-chart:  Inference vs Data
  • In generation, groups break down the SPED law questions and group them together for a document to Dr. Pease
  • Closing Circle:

New Things:

  • Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI)


  1. Reflection (connect classroom experiences, literature, and weekend experiences). Include progress on goals.
    1. Also, include a section that speaks to how you noticed growth in our value of community
    2. We will ask for resubmissions if all of these are not addressed. Due October 27th.
  2. Evidence for portfolio
  3. Continue to collect, organize, and analyze data from your classroom.
  4. Community Building – 300
  5. Continue working on your literature review/methodology
    1. a living document does not stop breathing (continue to read, find, and add) resources.
  6. Start working on findings by writing around your themes from your data.
  7. Bring a copy of your research paper that you have written so far for November class.
    1. Be ready to share those with a group.
    2. Reminder: The Power of Questions book has information that can help you with your writing. Page 51
  8. Using your curriculum book – develop a list of quotes, questions, and ideas you found interesting/compelling/important etc.
    1. We will use these in November – bring a printed copy.
  9. Refine and finalize the title for your paper. We will fill out paperwork in November to turn into Wayne.


  1. Online  Community  Building – Join Twitter. Search and find a Personal Learning Network (PLN).
    1. Tweet/Retweet a post from your PLN and include the hashtag #WSCWP1
  2. Read Chapters 3 and 5 of Legal Basics (we will provide an electronic copy).
    1. Have a conversation with your virtual face-to-face Job Alike group.
    2. Write a summary of your discussion in forums.
    3. Summary due November 10th.
  3. Post your Lollipop Leadership link in Forums.
    1. Post the link to your lollipop leadership technology interpretation below.
      1. Each learner is to respond to at least two other postings.
        1. Guiding Questions:  What did you find interesting?
        2. How did it make an impact on you?  What can you take away from their interpretation?
        3. How does it connect to what we have been doing in our community discussions?
    2. Link due October 19th.
    3. Respond to at least two other group links.
    4. Responses due October 27th.

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