September Class and Homework

Class Notes September Meeting 9/15/18
  • Opening circle: What is your role in curriculum?
  • What is methodology?
  • Generation groups: plan a trip
  • Generation groups: look at rough drafts of methodology on Sakai
  • Work time on Methodology
  • Sir Ken: Changing Education Paradigms
  • In job a-like groups, create an illustration between Race to Nowhere documentary and the Sir Ken video
  • How do we create a bridge between current educational practice & concepts addressed by these two?
  • What is curriculum?
    • Create a mind map of how curriculum is developed
  • Think of a concept you will teach soon….what do you need to have as a prior skill?
    • Create a treasure map
  • Think of your top 5 qualities of a child’s education
  • Work in interest groups to create an image of what curriculum is
  • Where does curriculum come from?
  • How do you develop curriculum in your district?
    • Blair Community Schools
  • Get in generation groups and read articles in announcements on Sakai
    • Fashion show- come up with a line of clothes with the leadership skills
  • Check in with advisory group on homework and action research
  • Closing circle:  What is one thing you are going to change or a conversation you will start on Monday?

    1. Reflection (connect classroom experiences, literature, and weekend experiences).
      1. Include progress on goals.
        1. First, we will evaluate the effectiveness of individual lessons and units by discussing the results of quizzes and tests.
        2. Second, we will develop students’ engagement for each lesson by using academic games to increase student engagement and cooperation.  We will use the following website to promote this goal. Quizlet Live, Kahoot and Quizizz.
        3. Third, we will use physical movement and art to engage students.
        4. Finally, we will provide clear learning goals and scales for students using standards.
      2. Also, include a section that speaks to how you noticed growth in our value of culture. We will ask for resubmissions if all of these are not addressed.
      3. Due September 29th
    1. Get and read one of the following Curriculum books:
      1. Blended:  Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools ~ By Michael B. Horn, Heather Staker, Clayton M. Christensen
      2. The Innovator’s Mindset:  Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity ~ By George Couros
      3. Weapons of Mass Instruction:  A Schoolteacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling ~ By John Taylor Gatto
      4. Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling ~ By John Taylor Gatto, Zachary Slayback
      5. Creative Schools:  The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education ~ By Ken Robinson Ph.D., Lou Aronica
  1. Evidence for portfolio
  2. IF you haven’t already – Get consent signatures, begin research (if planned prior to Sept. meeting) and start collecting/organizing data.  If not starting – finalize tool, method of data collection – all should be ready to go!
  3. Continue to collect and organize data from your research.
    1. Bring written data (whatever tool you decide to use) you are collecting from your classroom. We will be using it to do an activity.
  4. Advisory Group – Plan community building
    1. GooseChase?
  5. Continue to working on your literature review – a living document does not stop breathing (continue to read, find, and add) resources.  Re-submit your literature review to your facilitator by October 6th (if indicated).
  6. Start writing your methodology.
  7. Bring a technology tool to share with October’s class.  Something that you use currently and could offer to other learners to use in their classrooms.
    1. GooseChase
    2. Flippity
    3. iPad Stand for Document Camera – Air Scan App
    4. Quizlet, Quizizz, Kahoot,

  1. In Forums – share with your Generation Group, create an If…/Then… chart of curriculum, NCLB, ESSA, Common Core, and Constructivism thoughts.
    1. Respond to each person in your group with constructive feedback about what you agree/disagree with in regards to their statements. First response due by September 29th
    2. responses to other learners due by October 6th.
  2. Read the article: Teacher Subcultures  – Found in Resource, under Articles
    1. Use your Job-Alike face to face groups to meet and discuss the article.
    2. Write a summary of your takeaways from that discussion in Forums. Summaries due by October 6th.
  3. Cast your vote for our April weekend by Saturday, September 29th.  Link posted in Announcements.

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