NETA 2018 – Day 2

iOS Magic

iPad and Iphone Tricks Revealed – Tony Vincent

  • Most of his tips must be used on iOS 11
  • You can have 15 Home screens on your devices.

Apple Pencil

$99.00. Apple Pencil expands the power of iPad Pro and iPad (6th generation) and opens up new creative possibilities. It’s sensitive to pressure and tilt so you can easily vary line weight, create subtle shading, and produce a wide range of artistic effects — just like a conventional pencil, but with pixel-perfect precision.

On-Screen Pointer

Settings – General – Accessibility – Turn on Zoom – Show Controller. Can be used when making a video/tutorial for students.

Screen Record

Can be used in any app.You can add the Screen REcording button to Control Center in Settings – Control Center – Customize. If you want to record.

Swipe up to view Control Center. Tap and hold the Record button and tap to turn Microphone Audio on. Tap Start Recording and use in any app. Tap the red bar to stop recording. The video is saved to Photos.

Add the Screen Recording button to Control Center in Settings.

 Hidden Characters on iPad or iPhone keyboard screen

Degree sign – hold down the zero key and swipe up to get the degree sign.

Hold down $  = cent symbol

  • = Dot

E = e with ‘above it


To type a gray character simply pull down on its key and release – with Key Flicks enabled you’ll see a gray character above each letter.


Touch anywhere in the keyboard and it becomes a trackpad and controls the cursor above.


Search and type emojis with Google Gboard Keyboard – Install this extra free keyboard from app store and it is added as an extra keyboard of emojis.

Do an emoji search.


Add-ons in Extensions

New in Docs

Can insert images from camera into Docs.

Google Slides

has added at bottom left where you can see all of your slides and move them around in this view.

Extensions – Appear to the right of the URL.

Too many extensions can cause computer to slow down.

To Add Extension

Click on the colored squares in left corner to get to Chrome store.


G Suites Training – ? app – click on it to ask a question in an app and get the answer – Video Tutorial. Awesome! – 1 minute or less

Screencastify  – used to make 10-minute or less videos. Save it to drive, youtube, email it. Band teacher uses it for students to email themselves practicing.

Loom – unlimited time on video. Keeps it on their server. Can make playlists. Best if youtube is blocked at your school. You can email Loom.

EquatIO – free for teachers, not for students. Math. New. Teacher can record her voice of a problem and it gives the answer.

Black Menu for Google – anther extra toolbar where you can store your Favorite Google products or apps.

Shopping Extensions

Ebates – when you buy something, it gives you money back. Check comes in the mail. It gives you an extra percentage back. Anytime she opens a site, it just pops up and tells you what percent back it will give you on your price off.

Honey – in the checkout, it finds you possible codes that will give you money off or free shipping etc.

Google Keep – List tool! It’s a bunch of post-it notes places to make lists. She shares these with her family. You can color code them.

Bit moji – must have an snapchat account to use this. For getting and using Emojis quickly – your favorites with your picture

How to make it smaller in an email – you should be able to click onit and resize or click on change.

Wonder Extension app – If a young person was on my computer, it will black out the text and picture and will  post See with your Heart.–Choose Kind – icon.

One Tab – It opens your favorite tabs all ready to go. This would be great for the library! You lock it and save it. You can have many of these – like one for school, one for shopping, etc.

Adblock – blocks ads from blocking up! This would be great for my GS book trailers. There are a few that she said she had to turn off her Adblock to see the content.

Share to Classroom – Can easily send an article to your classes.

Ginger – Spell check. She likes Ginger–similar to Grammarly. Someone said that Ginger isn’t free any more.

Tab Scissors – you can cut your screen in half and put your video or article on one half of the screen and a google doc on the other side.  When done. Hit the Glue extension to make it go back to normal.

Print Friendly PDF – It brings up the article and you can highlight what you don’t want to print. Save as a PDF or print or email with all of your changes.

Pin/UnPin Tab in Chrome – It saves tabs in a certain place and they won’t close


Do it Yourself Study Aids and Games – Vincent


He puts out Polls to his group! Really fun!


Students use these as study aids and could take a picture of the completed crossword and submit it to the teacher, but it does not work directly with Google Classroom.



Quizlet Live, Quizizz, Quizlet Diagrams,

Google Sheets

Go to

To create a quiz show, crossword, bingo, hangman which is a wilting flower, flashcards, badge tracker, and more.

Random Name Picker on a spinning wheel. He gave away prizes by giving out his tickets with numbers.

Type the info in the spreadsheet and through create a game!!!

Publish to the web.

Adobe Spark Video – (Tutorial online for this to make a video.)

He showed a video and then we played a memory game from Flippity.

For pictures, you place the link in the spreadsheet.

Can also use Crossword Labs for crossword puzzles.

Kids can actually type in the crossword.

Bingo Baker – He made a Fraction Bingo game with Pies on each. If he said ½ then kids could check off all of the ½ pies.

Teacher gets a call list and she can change the order.

Quizlet – free but ads. You can pay $25 for Quizlet teacher per year.

Scatter or match game is his favorite.

Quizlet live – automatically puts three kids in a team to answer the question. First to get 12 in a row correct, wins!

Stomach Anatomy in Quizlet diagrams – maps, ELL word match, foreign language

Could identify things on any picture. Free version – 8 spots or with $25 a year, as many as you want.

Class Tools

Enter questions correctly and then student can play Pac-Man for a bit. Then must answer more.  Seemed to play much longer than it took to answer one question.

Connect Fours-tech Terms through Class Tools. Have to connect four of the words. (This wasn’t great!)

Tony’s quick Tps –

Bitly extension

Take a completed URL and make it easier to type: by going to bitly and make custom bitlinks. Set up an account and customize and may have to add a number or letter at the end to distribute

Upload an image and then create the hotspots on each of the little pictures.

Many premade games are already made here.



Tools to Build Teacher Leadership Through Strategic Planning – Erin Solheim

Kathy Schock’s Guide – Great ideas on this site.