NETA 2018 – Day 1

World Economic Forum:

    • 10 Skills You Need to Thrive
  • Unstructured Learning and Problems
  • Focus on Design:
    • “ If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘Faster Horses.” HENRY Ford


  • Tools You Can Use Tomorrow:


      • Flipgrid:
      • *Flippity: Games and such
        • Vocabulary games
      • Kahoot Challenge is like Homework mode in Quizizz
      • Insertlearning: You can insert any video, comment, or put questions into any web game
      • *Classroomscreen:
        • Many simple tools to use in the classroom




        • Extract image and text from a pdf
        • Convert pdf to other formats
      • qrcode and link shortener
      • Yellkey
        • Very simple link shortener with a timer.  Simpler than Delivr
      • *Seeing AI: For visually impaired
        • Whatever the app sees, it can read or tell what it is
        • Fun!


  • Otter Voice Meeting Notes


        • AI voice notes that can dictate from different voices
      • Microsoft Translator – Translates in real time for others
      • Google Arts and Culture Selfie


  • Chrome Music Lab


    • Incredibox – Crayton uses this in Willings Class


Google Apps:

    • Google Keep – Put notes or links into Google Keep and then open Keep in Google Docs and post easily without having to copy and paste every time.
    • *A Google a Day: Quiz game
    • Google Science Journal: On Android and iOS
      • Can track temperature, speed, etc
    • *Google Smarty Pins: Quiz game


  • Google Image: Atari Breakout


    • *
    • Mystery Animal – Chrome Plug-in
    • Google Experiments – Experimental games


  • Google Field Trip
  • Google Lens



Google Slides: If you use Google Slides at all this is worth a look! LOTS of simple and unique ideas!

Fake News: If you do any research this is worth looking at!

Tools You Can Use Tomorrow: Really quick to look at–Simple apps, websites, extensions, etc that you can use quickly. Includes game ideas, classroom organization tools (timers, exit tickets, etc), lots of map stuff at the end, links to websites for open source images (If you have students use images in presentations or projects you need to check these out!)


Google You May Not Know About: All sorts of cool Google tools–Science and History teachers especially need to check this out!