Making Thinking Visible Activity

What worked?

  • Students were asked two question:
    • What is the greatest invention using only 5 words?
    • Who is the greatest scientist using only 5 words?
  • All students respond to the questions posted.
  • Students posted different ideas, very few repeats.
  • Students are still looking at the list generated.

What didn’t work?

  • Keeping middle school students quiet.
  • Added more questions

How did your students respond to the routine?

  • I heard students debated different ideas posted with comments like “I like this one because”, or Why this one?
  • These questions lead to higher levels of thought and discussion
  • They like sharing their ideas and opinions

How did the routine affect you?

  • I was quickly able to see if the students were engaged
  • I have a content to build off of from the activity to use in other parts of the unit

What was the lasting impact after completing the routine?

  • Students were engaged
  • They discussed the topics presented
  • They enjoyed moving from table to table
  • They were engaged


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