Would You Rather

Taken from Quirky Bohemian Mama:


  1. Eat three live earthworms or a peanut-butter and tuna sandwich?
  2. Own a dangerous fire-breathing dragon or BE a dangerous fire-breathing dragon?
  3. Be a clumsy ninja or a wizard with amnesia?
  4. Have only two long yellow front teeth like a beaver or no teeth at all?
  5. Have very fat arms and skinny legs or very fat legs and skinny arms?
  6. Have no elbows or no knees?
  7. Eat everything with chopsticks or with your bare hands?
  8. Have bad breath or stinky armpits for the rest of your life?
  9. Go a month without internet or go a month without bathing?
  10. Be the richest person on the planet or be immortal?
  11. Be a miserable genius or a super happy idiot?
  12. Have a self-driving car or a spaceship?
  13. Be a vampire or a vampire hunter?
  14. Be stung by 1,000 bees or eat 1,000 bees?
  15. Have a foot long nose or a foot long tongue?
  16. Have a nightmare every night or never dream again?
  17. Have a cold for a year or the flu for three months straight?
  18. Live in a place where it never stops raining or live in a place that stays 110F year round?
  19. Have a bright red nose or a bright red bottom?
  20. Have the head of a lion on your human body or have a human head with a lion’s body?
  21. Pass gas really loud in public or poop your pants silently in public?
  22. Only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?
  23. Be bored all the time or have entirely too much to do?
  24. Be the most popular kid in school or the smartest kid in school?
  25. Always feel like you have to sneeze or always feel like your have to poop?
  26. Have a dog with a cat’s personality or a cat with a dog’s personality?
  27. Look like a skunk but smell like vanilla or smell like a skunk and be very attractive?
  28. Have a head the size of a grapefruit or the size of a watermelon?
  29. Have a peg-leg or a hook hand?
  30. Drink a cup of toiler water or drink a liter of hot sauce?
  31. Forget how to walk or forget how to talk?
  32. Always have super chapped lips or really bad dandruff?
  33. Live a few yards away from a busy railroad track or live in a house with a baby that never ever stops crying?
  34. Wear full scuba gear 24/7 for a year or go to a close relative’s funeral dressed as Darth Vader?
  35. Be a billionaire who never ever leaves the house or a penniless world traveler?
  36. Always be an hour early or an hour late?
  37. Have bananas for fingers or bananas for toes?
  38. Have skin covered in purple feathers or covered in pink fur?
  39. Be the president of the United States of America or the King/Queen of the entire World?
  40. Squirt lemon juice in your eyes or eat a whole ghost pepper?
  41. Sleep in a doghouse every night for a week or stay awake up for three days?
  42. Have hands for feet or an extra pair of arms?
  43. Write the best novel in history or invent the best recipe ever?
  44. Read a one-thousand page book about yourself or write a one-thousand page book about yourself?
  45. Be able to control the weather or be able to control time?
  46. Never eat candy again or never drink soda again?
  47. Have to sleep on a cold concrete slab for the rest of your life or only eat saltine crackers for every meal forever?
  48. Only be able to speak in movie quotes or only be able to speak in rhymes?
  49. Would you rather enter a World Ugliest Person pageant or a milk chugging contest?
  50. Have an awesome talent and never get recognized for it or become famous for doing something stupid?

via Quirky Bohemian Mama – A Bohemian Mom Blog: 50 Funny “Would You Rather” Questions for the Whole Family {kid friendly, family night game}