Homework for February 2018


  • Get and read Teaching With Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen.  Bring a hard copy of 10 paraphrased statements with page numbers.
  • Read Chapter 4 & 5 of Power of Questions by Falk and Blumenriech.  Could you start thinking about this book as part of your literature review
  • Work on your issues log and/or progressive literature review and bring it with you next time ( bring a hard copy ).
  • Reflection (connect classroom, literature, and community). Include progress on goals.  Discuss your connections to our value of motivation.   Bring a hard copy.  Due February 24th.
  • Evidence for portfolio
  • Bring an old sock
  • Find summer classes to take and check with Dr. Johanna Barnes (jobarne1@wsc.edu) for approval.  Enroll upon approval.   *Remember you’ll need 6 credit hours and must be done over the summer.

Online Work:

  • Using the professional journal you signed up for in the Fall, find an article.  From that article, use the following questions to help you summarize the article.  Post your summary in Forums to your Generation Group.  Summary due February 24th .  Respond to at least 2 other learners summaries by March 10th .


  • How has your thinking changed after reading the article?
  • How can the ideas in this article relate to your classroom?
  • How can the ideas in this article relate to our community?
  • Family Photo Story – (use event images to pair learners)

Find a photo in which you are a part of.

Share this photo with the learner you’ve been paired with in class, email, text, Facebook… it’s up to you and your partner.

Do not discuss the shared photos with each other.

Develop a list of questions for the other person’s photo.  Write down three things you believe were happening in this image. Bring your list of questions and assumptions with you in March.

  • Try a thinking routine from Ritchhart and upload data/evidence

Using your online video collaboration medium with your Job-Alike groups, discuss the routine you used and the data/evidence you gathered.  Invite Katrina and Jenny to your discussions. Due March 10th.

What worked?  What didn’t work?  How did your students respond with the routine? How did the routine affect you?  What was the lasting impact after completing this routine?

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