Noah’s Flood

Pastor Allison of Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church of Fontanelle did a great job of getting the congregation involved in the story of the flood.  She had the congregation do three different movements with their hands:  Rub hands, snap fingers, and Slap legs.  Pastor, starting on one side of the church had the congregation rub their hands together, then as she moved to the other side of the church, she got the rest of the congregation to follow suit.  She then waited for a second.  Next Pastor, switched to snapping and as she walked across the front of the church back to the other side, the congregation change from rubbing their hands to snapping, the time Pastor had reached the other side of the church the whole congregation was snapping.  Finally, she had the side she was on change from snapping to slapping their legs and repeated the walk across the front.

The effect was amazing!  It sounded just like a rainstorm!  Starting from a soft rain to a strong downpour.  This was a great way to get the congregation bodies involved using movement and sound to set the feeling for the sermon.

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