TED Talk – 3 Rules to Spark Learning


TED Talk – 3 Rules to Spark Learning

3 Rules to Spark Learning

  1. Curiosity comes first
  2. Embrace the mess
  3. Practice reflection

How is your curiosity sparked?

When I look at something that some has done, I think to myself, I can do this! I try, I fail or succeed, l then look at the result and try again. I have learned more from the failures than I have ever learned from my success.

How did I become a beekeeper? Why? It was my curiosity! I wanted to know more about how bee could help my fruit orchard, my garden. So I took a class from UNL, watched several YouTube video on beekeeping and setting up hives. Then I order my bees.

All my life I have wondered how things worked. I like to take things apart, add things to something to see if it would work. I made so many changes to my bike it looks nothing like what my parent gave me! It drove my parents nuts!

I have always been a person who asks if there a better way?


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